KYC and AML Policy

Anti money laundry Policy Exchange Zone, as a e-currency exchange service provider, has a responsibility and commitment to prohibit and actively prevent money laundering and any activity that facilitates money laundering or the funding to terrorism or any other criminal activities. (i.e. activity aimed to concealing the source of illegal obtained money or other capital assets use for terrorism or other unlawful activity). 

To Prevention Money Laundering, We had implemented a specific, comprehensive, internal AML Policy and KYC Policy. User mandate rules under AML Policy.

  1. The sender account of the payment must be the same person name account as the payee. Third party payment strictly prohibited.

2. All the contact detail stated in the User's profile and Orders must be truthful and correct.

3. Order formed through anonymous proxy-servers, or any other anonymous Internet connections, are strictly prohibited. Prevent unlawful activity in order. 

the Service:- Strictly monitoring users transactions and users activity; behavior (also called fraud prevention system;), blocking any suspicious activity or user account.

- Sets limits on users transaction, depending on the level of their verification and the country of residence. Observation Know your Customer (KYC Policy)We gather each customer identification Document and Address proof (i.e. PAN Card, Passport or Driving License), without verification we not allow to user use of our service. 

We mandate each customer to update his profile time to time, in profile section user detail First, Last name, Address, City, zip and Mobile number. More take care of miss-use of Document or account we mandate user document name, profile name, Bank Account Name and E-Currency Account name must match.-performs verification of the data and document provided by user, The Service reserves the right to suspend the account of the User and their Orders until the User provides the proof of the funds; origin and other documents requested by the service in connection with the issue, in the following cases:- if a violation of AML policy agreement;

- If order is suspended by the Fraud Prevention System;

- if the amount of transactions done by the User during the last 3 days totals more than 500 U.S. dollars(or the respective equivalent in other currencies.)

- In case of a grounded suspicion of the User's abusive/illegal actions, which may or not involve money laundering. The User pledges to provide the required document during 7 days from the moment it was requested, or ask for the cancellation of the transaction.

- In case of the User's failure to provide the required documents, the Service reserves the right to refuse service in further, and users all Order refused and refund made to user account in 24hrs.

-in case an episode of activity related to: money laundering, financing terrorist organizations, fraud of any kind, as well as any other unlawful activities;- in case of a grounded suspicion that the ID provided by the User is fake/expired/invalid;

- in case the source of the User's funds is suspicious according to the information from a law enforcement agency;

- in case of the User's attempts to inflict a negative influence over the hardware and software complex of the Service;

- in case of the User's attempts to steal any data and/or other material or intellectual property of the Service;- in case of the User's attempts to cause damage of any kind to the Service. Additional Areas of Risk Exchange Zones has reviewed all areas of its business to verify that all potential money laundering risks are covered in the procedures described above. 

No additional areas of risk exist and therefore, no other procedures are necessary at this time. We reserve right to change policy anytime.

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